Emulating ARM#

Pydrofoil can also – even more experimentally – be used to build an emulator for ARM (version 9.4), based on the ARM Sail model. This model is itself automatically generated from ASL.

To build an emulator for ARM, you can run the following in your Pydrofoil checkout:

make pydrofoil-arm

This will take quite a while the first time you run it (around two hours) but in the end you should get a binary that you can run to emulate ARM binaries. Right now, only loading raw binaries is supported, elf support is still missing.

Booting Linux#

To boot Linux on the ARM emulator run the following:

./pydrofoil-arm -b 0x80000000,arm/bootloader.bin -b 0x81000000,arm/sail.dtb -b 0x82080000,arm/Image -C cpu.cpu0.RVBAR=0x80000000 -C cpu.has_tlb=0x0  -l 24612127 2> /dev/null

This will boot Linux up to the point where the init process is started, which fails right now.